Video domination has made video production exciting. In 2019, emerging technologies will change the way we create videos. Last year, we saw some signs of where things are headed in the video production industry but that is not all. We should expect some surprises this year also. Here are some of the video production trends to expect in 2019:

Vertical Videos Will Become More Popular

Vertical Videos Will Become More Popular
In 2018, most of the video content (more than 75 percent) was viewed on a mobile device. And since most of the videos captured by smartphones are shot vertically, it seems that most brands will prefer vertical videos. Vertical videos are ideal for smartphones as they fill the phone screen hence reducing distractions or options for clicking elsewhere.

In addition, such videos allow for one point of focus per frame hence presenting an opportunity to maintain a viewer’s attention. Therefore, you should expect vertical videos to be part of video production in 2019.


Cinemagraphs is among the most talked about creative trends on the internet. It involves a combination of still photos with repetitive movement, often as a minimal part of the scene. Cinemagraphs fall in some middle ground between video and photo and can be a good way to grab audience attention even in oversaturated platforms like social media. Websites can also benefit from cinemagraphs as they can add minimal motion to static pages.

Long Form Content

More and more companies have started using long-form video content because of the benefits these videos offer. Most of the long form video content is about 10 or 30 minutes in length. Long-form content can be beneficial in many ways. First of all, it provides a capacity for storytelling hence offering an opportunity to emotionally connect with a target audience and help a brand establish a sense of trust with their customers.
a lot of long form content is found on blog sites like wordpress and weebly like this blog we found

Additionally, longer videos help in finding qualified leads. 10+ minute videos are more likely to convert for a business. The extra time spent by people interacting with longer videos naturally leads to an SEO boost.

When it comes to video production in 2019, more companies will try long-form content and it is more likely that we will see examples of how to plan and create long-form content. Consumption of longer videos has become increasingly popular and brands will try to explore this new territory.

More Accessibility

It is believed that more than 5 billion people will use smartphones in 2019. Access to low-cost video editing tools has enabled more people to produce videos. In fact, more videos are uploaded to the web in a month than what TV created in 3 decades.

Online video has become an important part of the internet experience and we are likely to see a growing need to make videos accessible to people with disabilities. Video players and app developers are trying as much as possible to add accessibility features to deal with some of the accessibility issues. Therefore, in 2019, we are more likely to see platforms focus on how they can make their video content more inclusive.

Corporate talking head videos are great for effectively engaging live audiences, and they are a powerful blogging tool. The content landscape of the Internet is always changing with technology. Video marketing has long been an important tool, but its use is more widespread in 2019. Deliver messages to your customers and clients in a custom way that gets the results you expect.

Not only is it important to understand the benefits of these corporate videos, but you need to know the mechanics. For example, you want to keep them under 90 seconds. As other media outlets discover your content, you want them to run the entire video, without any editing. Keeping your content to 90 seconds or less helps ensure your entire message is delivered to a widespread audience.

You have the opportunity to increase brand awareness with these videos in more ways than one. That said, it’s important you take the time to address a proper backdrop. Perhaps you want to include the link to your website or a corporate logo. You see, that content won’t likely be edited out when shared, so you’re in a win-win situation.

Not every video is going to score you an interview with a major media outlet. Yet that is a possibility, and at the very least, you’re creating relevant video content that your base is going to gobble up. You also retain full control of the video and how it represents your brand.

You might want to consider using hyperlinked URLs when creating your video. Logos were already mentioned, and other graphics and brand identifiers can also be considerations. You want that video on your site and blog, and you want it to be shared as much as possible, on social media sites, blogs, demo reels and more.

Don’t feel as though you have to edit the video to an extreme. Corporate talking head videos are effective because they are genuine. emphasis on creating genuine content, Keep in mind, however, that you do want to maintain professionalism. It could be said that you are the media, one of the network peers, and these types of videos are the trend in 2019.

You can write what you want and create all types of video content, yet talking directly to your base is a highly effective marketing tool. Communicating this way is something only you as a human can do. Creating these videos is also going to help you as a communicator. You will find yourself articulating aspects of your business in a much more professional way. This comes in handy when preparing for those future interviews.

Not only that, but you put a face to your business. Who knows, you might be walking down the street one day, and someone recognizes you from your videos. Let’s be clear, all kinds of video marketing strategies are in play. Yet making yourself vulnerable and appearing on camera is a powerful way to represent your business. And you get to keep it simple, so why not give it a first go round to see how it turns out?

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